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Prior Pot Convictions Go Up In Smoke? Colorado’s SB 218 Could Seal Past Marijuana Convictions

Weed - Prior Pot Convictions Go Up In Smoke? Colorado's SB 218 Could Seal Past Marijuana Convictions

Posted May 2nd, 2014 by Monterey Bud & filed under Marijuana Laws, marijuana legalization, Marijuana News.

In an effort to keep their constituents productive, employed, and happy – Colorado’s politicians are lining up to pass an important piece of legislation that could seal any past marijuana convictions that Amendment 64 would have rendered null and void. Provided SB 218 smokes past the Senate intact as expected, Coloradans with past pot convictions could petition the court to have their previous marijuana-related issues sealed, provided their past convictions would not be considered criminal offenses under current Colorado law.

The bipartisan initiative has gained overwhelming support from both sides of the political aisle and was announced Tuesday, April 29. The proposed bill comes with only a few days left in the 2014 session, but its impact could be huge, possibly giving thousands of residents the right to petition.

“There are tens of thousands of people with previous cannabis offenses that hurt them from getting things like loans, housing, and employment,” Jason Warf, a marijuana advocate and director of Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, told The Denver Post late last week.

Sens. Jessie Ulibarri, D-Westminster, and Vicki Marble, R-Fort Collins, are the sponsors of the proposal, which is scheduled to be heard today by the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee. If approved, petitioners would have to file in the district where their conviction occurred, and they would have to pay the court filing fees to have their records sealed.



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